Give your Phone
Scheduling Superpowers

Orbit is a next generation call scheduler that’s here to help you stay connected to your personal and professional networks from anywhere in the world

Staying in touch with friends, colleagues, and co-workers long distance is tough.

Amily and John live in different time zones and therefore have a hard time finding the right times to meet. The Orbit app would help here. The Orbit app helps maintain relationships even over long distances.

I wonder how Amily is doing these days.

It's been ages since I last spoke to John, I miss him.

A Better Way to Stay Connected is Here.

Simple Scheduling

To use orbit, simply select multiple times when you are free to chat in the future. If your contacts are not on orbit yet, text them a web link with times.

Protect your Time

Unlike most schedulers, you cannot just get booked out on Orbit – you must confirm any call before it is officially scheduled.

Stay in Orbit

We will occasionally send you a reminder when you are below your monthly communication goal. Ideal for the relationships you find yourself consistently falling out of Orbit with.

Orbit has all the features.

Find the right time for
your next group meeting.

Streamline your communication with repeating calls and automatic time zone conversion

Set focus windows during periods of the day that you don't want to get disturbed.

Keep your group meetings on track with agendas.

Never forget a call again with call reminders

Organize your contacts and
calls with tags and themes.

Keep your Remote
Relationships Closer

Coming to Android and web soon.

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Create your own friends orbit and stay in touch with them.